For over a decade family owned Pizza and Gyro Express of McKeesport has been serving up some of the finest pizzas, hoagies and mouth watering dinners for our friends and dining guests. Whether you are a regular at Pizza and Gyro Express, or it’s your first visit, our staff will always make you feel right at home. We are family owned and pride ourselves as being a friendly family place to relax and bring the kids. We are more then just pizza, with a full menu from fantastically large gyros with our own personal recipe for cucumber sauce, too mouth watering dinners. There is something for everyone's taste. So, don't compare us to fast food pizza shops, that have their dough and sauces from a can. We make our dough and sauces fresh daily on site. So, join us and taste the difference freshness makes. We have ample parking in our own private parking lot. A while back we added The Original to our name, but we are the same Pizza and Gyro Express as always. So, we are the original Pizza and Gyro Express of McKeesport.
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